Sustainable model

We passionately believe that the local church and school represent a micro-cosmos of a community and the close co-operation between them is the key to effectively and practically address the needs of that community.

The Acts2Change model is one of establishing a close, triangular relationship between a resource-partner (a church, corporate organisation or group of individuals), a church in an underprivileged community and a nearby local school.

The Acts2Change team conducts upfront research in a community, identifies specific needs and then initiates intentional, practical 'acts of mercy' to alleviate those immediate needs. Thus a beacon of God's mercy and grace is established which will radiate the many facets of the heart of God - like a light being refracted into the colours of the rainbow by a prism.

At the core of the model is a Community Care Centre equipped to answer to the needs of the people: a living, growing, sustainable beacon of hope.

The staff of the Community Care Centre are mostly volunteers from within the community. They believe this is their expression of the passion in their hearts to make a difference