Empowering educators with life skills training

In partnership with Kerus Global Education, Acts2Change has hosted three 'It Takes Courage!' Youth Curriculum Conferences attended by principals and educators from 40 schools in Soshanguve. This training enhances teaching methods, promotes character development as a schoolwide objectve and encourages educators to be actively engaged as positive role models for youth. With full support of the many Tshwane school districts, the It Takes Courage! programme continues to grow in popularity and effectiveness.

"The result has been staggering . We heard one principal say 'Since my staff attended the 'It Takes Courage!' training they no longer sit in clicks but are one unit'. Another principal said 'It has been incredible because our school discipline issues have diminished almost to nothing because of the 'It Takes Courage!' programme." Drs. Marcia Ball and Jennie Cerullo, co-founders, Kerus Global Education

"I was a teacher of the old school (methods), now I am a new teacher." Deputy Principal, Soshanguve