The first community care centre in Soshanguve

Acts2Change established the first Community Care Centre (Kerus House of Encouragement) in one of the poorest areas of Soshanguve. The main aim of the centre is to support orphaned children. Currently 64 orphans are registered at the Centre and the program includes:

  • Lunch consisting of basic, nutritionally balanced food.
  • Homework done under adult supervision.
  • A planned schedule for every day's activities.
  • Identification of traumatised children (and providing counseling).
  • Life-skills training.
  • Monthly food parcels to every orphan who is a part of the program - and also a food parcel when schools close for vacation.
  • Assistance with clothing and blankets as the need arises.
  • A vegetable garden where the children gain experience in gardening so that they can do the same at their homes.

The Community Care Centre addresses many of the emotional and physical needs of the children who come here after school each day. For the orphaned children it embraces, it is a source of love, care, hope and a full stomach. It is also the centre-point of the community's dreams for a place that any person can go to, to be heard, helped, or to lend a helping hand.