Making a difference in Soshanguve

Our practical involvement and focus over the last few years has been in the community of Soshanguve.

Like so many similar communities in South Africa, Soshanguve has an overwhelming number of impoverished residents that are considered the poorest of the poor. In this sector of the community, poverty and unemployment are not the only challenges. The prevalence of HIV/Aids has resulted in an ever growing community of orphans, of households led by children or their aging grandparents.

"People are lost and there are a lot of needs. In our days there is a lot of abuse that is taking place. We've got the challenge of HIV and AIDS and a lot of orphans and high rate of unemployment and we believe we need to show the love of God to the people and we cannot show the love of God only by preaching but we need to demonstrate that love of God by indentifying ourselves with the people and their needs. God allowed me to work at a trauma centre at a police station in Soshanguve for 4 years in order for me to be able to see and feel what are the problems of this community and I have seen abuse in different forms. I believe it was a preparation of the Lord for me and the ministry." Pastor Albert Mahlobo