Serving the broader community

The third focus is on the broader community and is constantly evolving. It essentially means the offering of a range of services determined by the needs of the community.

The centre offers crisis support and home-based care to community members in need. In many cases, the care of the orphans falls to their grandparents, who themselves may be poverty stricken or ailing. They receive assistance to obtain the government grants and pensions that are available to make life a little easier.

Some of the basic nutritional needs are addressed by a vegetable garden, and here the elderly are taught how to grow their own small subsistence crops. There is potential for this to grow into income generating microenterprises. The elderly have a place to meet each other and enjoy outings and loving company.

The Centre receives and distributes donations and offers of support in a fair and appropriate way. The infrastructure lends itself to becoming a facility where jobless people can access the Internet and be guided in responding to job vacancies, in short a 'job shop'.