A place of refuge for orphaned children

The first focus area is the provision of a place of refuge where orphaned children can go after school, where caregivers give them food, assist with their homework, bond with them, mentor and guide them and allow them to just be kids. Each child's personal circumstances are assessed and they are assisted with food parcels and clothing. Often, the need emerges for assistance in securing birth certificates and other information that would make them eligible for government grants.

"At the Community Care Centre, each child is heard, and seen and made to know they are special. Once they are brought into the family, improvements are tangible. By having role-models and caregivers in their lives, they do better at school and they have better relationships. They often have the courage to trust their caregivers with the bad things in their lives, and in that way facilitate their own rescue. The centre is not an institutional 'orphanage' where the children stay full-time. We support government policy that orphaned children need to remain a part of their community." Pastor Albert Mahlobo